Arbeitsgruppe Molekulare Psychiatrie (Prof. Dr. Thomas Bayer)

UNIVERSITÄTSMEDIZIN GÖTTINGEN, Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

Alzheimer Demenz / Alzheimer dementia

Vom Modell zum Wirkstoff / from model to drug 




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Discovery of a novel pseudo β-hairpin structure of N-truncated amyloid-β for use as a vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease

LifeArc scientists, in collaboration with researchers in the UK and University Medical Centre Göttingen, have developed a promising new approach to potentially treat Alzheimer’s disease – and also vaccinate against it. Both the antibody-based treatment and the protein-based vaccine developed by the team reduced Alzheimer’s symptoms in mouse models of the disease. The research is published today in Molecular Psychiatry.

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